The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

Your big day is getting closer and closer but don't forget about the girls’ night of your life: your bachelorette party! All of your girls may not know one another or they may all be best friends, regardless, having games in place is sure a fun way to get the giggles going! Here are a few of our favourites!

How Old Was She?

The gist: Guests guess how old the bride to be was in different photos.

Preparation: Collect 6 – 12 photos of the bride-to-be at different ages (the more embarrassing the better) and post them to a board or into a slideshow to be shown on a TV. You will also need pens and paper or white boards and markers for everyone!

How to Play: All ladies gather around and are shown one photo at a time. Each guest has about 30 – 45 seconds to guess how old the bride-to-be was at the time the photo was taken. Each correct answer is given a point. The guest with the most amount of points at the end wins! Bonus: the bride-to-be shares her favourite story from the time period of the photo!

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

This one is a classic but too good not to include! Feel free to make this one as adventurous as your group feels up to! Give each task a point association so you know who wins by the end of the night! 

The gist: To complete as many tasks as you can on the list before the night is over!

Preparation: Create a list of tasks to do throughout the night with points associated to each. The more challenging tasks result in a higher point value. You can set task lists online or you can come up with your own to suit the bridesmaids. Be sure to print out a copy for each guest and have pens available so she can check off each task as she goes! 

How to Play:  Give the scavenger hunt task list to everyone before you head out for the night (or if you are staying in, at the beginning). When a guest completes a task, they check it off of their list. The player who has the most points by the end of the night wins. Then be sure to share your stories on the way home! Bonus: make it a photo scavenger hunt and get the guests to take photo evidence of each task they complete (plus it is fun to look at the photos later)!


 Wedding Jeopardy

This one is also commonly played at bridal showers but it is quite easy to spice up for the bachelorette party!

The gist: Guests choose one category of the bachelorette related categories and then have to answer points to win!

Preparation: Create a chart with several categories across the top relating to the bride to be. Underneath each category heading, create 4-6 questions. For example if the category is Lust and Love, the question could be Who was the bachelorette’s first kiss? You will also need pens and paper or white boards and markers for everyone!

How to play: Divide the girls up into two teams. Each team takes turns choosing a category. The question is read out loud; each player writes their answer on their board or paper. After 45 seconds, the ladies show their answer and one point is awarded to each player with the right answer! Each point collected goes towards the team total. The team with the most points by the end of the game wins!

The Panty and Bra Game

This one can be quite a hoot! You will be surprised who brings what! 

The gist: Guests bring one pair of new panties or bra for the bachelorette. Then the bachelorette needs to guess who brought each pair!

Preparation: Let all guests know to bring a new pair of panties for the bride to be (and don’t forget to tell them her size).

How to play: All guests drop their panties on a table. Be sure that there are no obvious indicators of who brought which pair! All the ladies gather around and the bachelorette tries to guess who brought each pair! Get the tissues ready because you are sure to cry of laughter!

We think that these games are sure to make your bachelorette party the best night it can be full of fun and laughter. Regardless of whether the night goes to plan, remember that you are with your closest friends and enjoy yourself. This is the time of your life, so may as well live it up.


The BridesMade Team