How To Shop For Bridesmaid Dresses During COVID-19

How To Shop For Bridesmaid Dresses During COVID-19

Traditionally, when you think of bridesmaid dress shopping you think of getting together with your girls and going to a bridal shop to try on dresses. Here at BridesMade, we are anything but traditional when it comes to shopping for your bridesmaid dresses. We believe that you should be able to try on bridesmaid dresses from the comfort of your own home - no stress, no hassles and all the fun! 

We offer a Home Try on Kit (HTOK) so you can do just that! It really is the best way to try on bridesmaid dresses, and during this pandemic, is currently the ONLY way to try on bridesmaid dresses!

In the past, we’ve recommended hosting a party with all of your girls at your home to try on our dresses. It is such a fun experience and a great night out for everyone. Unfortunately, during this world-wide pandemic, meeting up with your friends is currently not an option. As much as not being able to meet up with your friends is a bummer, we want you to know that during this pandemic Brides who were in the process of planning their bridesmaid dress shopping could still continue to do so.

Luckily, we are still offering our Home Try on Kits through our website during this difficult time and we have some great tips to share with you on how to host your own virtual (social distancing approved) bridesmaid dress try-on party so you can stay safe at home AND still have fun! 

Tip #1: Have each bridal party member order their own Kit

Since you can’t get together with all of your girls during this time, we recommend having each of your bridesmaids order their own Home Try on Kit. This way, everyone gets their own set of dresses delivered to each of their homes to try on and no in-person meet ups are needed. For only $20, it’s a small price to pay for a good time!

Tip#2: Make sure you order your Kits for the same date

When you order a HTOK through our website, at checkout you are prompted to choose a delivery date. If you are coordinating a try-on party with all of your girls, make sure you all choose the same delivery date so your dresses arrive on the same day.

Tip #3: Decide on a video-sharing platform

If you’re going to be trying on dresses together, you’re going to have to all be able to see each other, right? During this time of self-isolation, the internet has been a great tool for keeping everyone connected! There are so many apps and websites that you can utilize to host a group video chat. Some of the ones you can check out include Facebook Messenger and Zoom.

Tip# 4: Make a plan and come prepared

Make sure to schedule a time with all of the bridesmaids and Bride that works for everyone. To prep for your try on party, make sure you have some fun items like wine and snacks (shopping can really make you hungry and thirsty) and of course, have your Home Try on Kit ready to go! 

Tip# 5: Have fun!

These days we are looking for any way to socialize with friends and have a good time. What could be better than chatting with your best girlfriends and trying on pretty dresses? 

At the end of the day, every Bride should enjoy the wedding planning process and this pandemic should not leave you feeling defeated. Rest assured that with BridesMade you can still continue planning the wedding of your dreams!

To order your Home Try on Kits today visit this link:

Stay safe and have fun!

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