How to be a Supportive Bridesmaid

How to be a Supportive Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is a true honor. One of your besties has asked you to stand by them on one of the most special days of their lives! With such an honor comes big responsibility. The most important thing is to make sure that you are supporting the Bride throughout the wedding planning process. Here’s some tips on how to ace being a bridesmaid!

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1. Be excited and happy! 
Your friend is engaged and planning her wedding - this should be a very exciting time for you, as much as it is for her! Show your appreciation for being a bridesmaid by being excited and happy for her. Enthusiasm and smiles can go a long way to making her feel like the special Bride she is!

2.  Support her decisions
So, maybe you don’t like the cake she chose or the color of the bridesmaid dresses. At the end of the day, you’ve agreed to be a bridesmaid and support the Bride on her big day because she’s your friend. Sometimes friends just don’t agree, and that’s OK! Even if you may not agree with some of the choices she is making, the best approach is to accept her decisions so ultimately she will be happy and enjoy her wedding day. 

3.  Be there for her physically
If the Bride needs some help with finishing some guest favors or she needs a friend to accompany her to a dress fitting, try your best to be there. Nothing shows your friend how much they mean to you by being present and showing up when asked.

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4.  Offer advice and opinions when asked
When a Bride is planning her wedding she is under a lot of pressure. Pressure to please her family, friends and also to please herself. She wants this to be the best day ever, and as one of her close friends, she may look to you for advice and for your opinion. Whether it’s an opinion on her dress, the bridesmaid dresses or the centerpieces, make sure to offer up your opinion, but only when asked. Sharing your advice with her when she asks for it will show her how much she can trust you, whereas giving your opinion when it’s unsolicited may cause some tension.

5.  Ultimately, just be a good friend
Chances are, if you were chosen to be a bridesmaid, the Bride thinks you are a pretty awesome friend to begin with. Don’t lose sight of your friendship during the wedding planning process. Support her when she’s stressed, chill out with her when she needs a break and on the wedding day, help her with navigating through the day so by the end of the night, she can let loose and you both can dance the night away together!

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