Games To Play With Your Bridesmaids During Quarantine

Games To Play With Your Bridesmaids During Quarantine


Quarantine can be lonely, that’s why we’ve been cooking up some fun games that you can play with your friends - virtually! Check out our top 5 BridesMade Quarantine games below that you can save and share online to keep you entertained and connect with your friends!

    1. BridesMade ‘Have I Ever’ Bingo - Wedding Edition
      Think you’ve had more experiences at weddings than your friends? Have you ever taken over the dance floor, been a wedding selfie queen or have been a bridesmaid? Test your wedding knowledge and challenge your friends to see who can get the most bingos!
      Bridal party game bridesmaids bridal bingo

    2. Quarantine Checklist Game 
      We’ve all had our own journey throughout the quarantine, but there are a lot of things many of us have all faced like toilet paper shortage, Netflix binges and washing our hands until they almost fell off! See how many of these things you have done and share with your friends to compare your scores!
      Bridal party game checklist game

    3. Brides Describe GIF game
      Use GIFS and/or emojis to answer these wedding-related questions about you! Make sure to tag 3 other engaged friends to play along with you. 
      Bridal party game GIF

    4. Your Quarantine House - Wedding Edition
      We’ve seen these quarantine house games going around and we thought it would be fun to make our own, with a wedding twist! Select your house that includes 1 actor/actress, 1 talk show host, 1 singer and 1 wedding pro! Repost and share with your friends to see which house they’d choose (bonus fun points for every well-thought out reasoning behind your choice!)
      Bridal party game which house

    5. Photo with the Bride-to-Be!
      There’s no doubt that Brides everywhere have been struggling with this pandemic when it comes to planning their wedding day. Postponements, and many compromises needing to be made are just a couple of the issues they’ve faced. We wanted to lift the spirits of all the Brides out there by reminding them that their loved ones are thinking about them during this hard time. Whether the Bride is a friend, sibling or child to you, post your favorite photo of you two and share it online to spread the love.
      Bridal party game picture with bride

Save these templates, upload them to your social media stories on Facebook or Instagram to play! Remember to tag us so we can see your results:
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We hope that these fun games will help keep you entertained and help you stay connected to your loved ones during this quarantine! 

Wishing you all happiness and health,