Bridesmaid Duties: Everything You Need To Know

Bridesmaid Duties: Everything You Need To Know

Being a bridesmaid is a huge honour. Maybe you've been besties since forever. Or became friends recently. Whatever the case is, we know you are just as excited for the wedding as she is!

But being a bridesmaid isn't all dancing and tequila fun and games! Being a bridesmaid also comes with some responsibilities. The bride is relying on you so she can have the wedding of her dreams.

Follow this list of bridesmaid duties to know exactly what you should be doing and when. The bride will thank you for it!

 Bridesmaid Duties: Before the I-Do's

  • Help organize the bridal shower
  • Help organize the bachelorette party
  • Help shop for the wedding dress
  • Wear what she wants you to wear - and pay for it
  • Attend as many pre-wedding planning events as possible
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner
  • Buy a gift for the couple


Bridesmaid Duties: On the Big Day

  • Attend to vendors if they need help while setting up
  • Get ready with the bride
  • Be there for emotional support
  • Stand with the bride at the ceremony
  • Hold the bride's bouquet if necessary
  • Help the bride throughout the day with whatever she needs
  • Give a speech if requested 


Bridesmaid Duties: Other

  • Get along with the bridal party members and family of the bride and groom
  • Be supportive of the bride (this can be an emotional time!)
  • Be positive, even if you don't like the bridesmaid dress or the bride's choice in decor 



Ultimately, the bridesmaid role is meant to support the bride. If you are there for your bride with whatever she asks you, then you can know that she will be more than happy! Follow these tips for a guideline to the traditional roles of the bridesmaids and you'll be set to be the best bridesmaid ever!

Happy Planning!