Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Body Type

Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Body Type

There's a good chance that all your bridesmaids have different body types. That being said, sticking all your girls in the same dress may not be the best way to go. But not to worry, you can find bridesmaid dresses that will flatter all your gals! Follow this guide to find the perfect bridesmaid dress style for all body types. 


Triangle Shaped

If you're triangle-shaped (your hips are wider than your shoulders) then you'll want a dress that will give enough room below the waist for comfort, while also balancing out with the top, without leaving too much fabric up top. 

The Jewel Neck dress is the perfect choice for triangle-shaped ladies! The flowing skirt easily flows over the hips, and the jewel neck top balances it out visually. Explore the style here.

Rectangle Shaped

If you are rectangle shaped (sporty build, no well-defined waist), then you will want something that will create some curves!

The One Shoulder dress is size adjustable in the shoulder and waist making it perfect for the rectangle body shape. It's asymmetrical style gives you the curves you're looking for. Explore the style here

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Hourglass Shaped

If you are hourglass shaped (small waist with wider shoulders and hips) then you will want something to emphasize that waist!

Define your waist with The Infinity dress. Since you can tie this dress over 25 different ways it is the perfect dress for an hourglass figure. Emphasize your waist with the size adjustable straps. This dress is meant for you to wear it and not the other way around! Explore the style here.

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Inverted Triangle Shaped

If you are inverted triangle shaped (large chest and/or shoulders, and smaller hips) then you will want a bridesmaid dress that balances coverage, style and support.

The Wrap dress is perfect for you! Since you literally wrap it around yourself (there's no zipper!) it fits perfectly to your body. Explore the style here.

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Round Shaped

If you are round shaped (small chest, larger waist) then you will want something that fits you so you feel comfortable. 

The Sweetheart dress is the perfect dress for you. With it's empire waist and strapless style, it hits you in all the right places. Explore the style here.

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If you're an expecting bridesmaid, don't worry! It may be hard to decide on a dress when you don't know how your body will look in the coming months. But that's why we have The Halter dress. This dress has an empire waist which allows for your baby bump to grow and sit comfortably underneath! The dress is size adjustable so if it fits you now, it will still fit in the coming months! Explore the style here.

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So now that you know what will flatter all the bridesmaids it's time to get shopping! Explore all our bridesmaid dresses here