BridesMade's Best Infinity Dress TieTorials

BridesMade's Best Infinity Dress TieTorials

Finding a dress that flatters all of your bridesmaids can be a difficult task. With the BridesMade Infinity dress, it’s easy! 

The Infinity dress is the most versatile dress out there. With its wide size range, adjustable features and stretchy fabric and elegant look, it’s one of the most popular dress choices amongst our customers.

Infinity bridesmaid dress tie options tietorials

There are TONS of ties you can do with the Infinity dress to make it fit your own unique style. We’ve compiled some of our most popular TieTorials to share with you in hopes that one of them will be your perfect bridesmaid look!

1. The Simple Off The Shoulder

This tie is perfect for the modern bridesmaid. This relaxed, yet sophisticated off the shoulder look is so pretty and one of our favourites!

2. The High Neck, Low Back

This elegant 2 strap tie is perfect for the traditional bridesmaid. It’s full coverage front and slightly open back gives off a classy vibe!

3. The Looped Halter Neck Tietorial

This traditional tie is perfect for the bridesmaid wanting support and adequate coverage for her bridesmaid look. The unique looped feature makes for a fun twist on the traditional halter style! 

4. The One Shoulder Rolled Tietorial

This one shoulder tie is the perfect tie for the bridesmaid that wants to show off her style. The unique twisted strap feature exudes a look of confidence and style! 

5. The Simple Sweetheart Tietorial

This simple sweetheart style is just like it’s name - it’s a very classic, easy to tie design that looks perfect for a summer wedding.


6. Backless V-Neck Tietorial

If you’re looking for a classic, easy to tie, supportive and beautiful style, this one is for you! The V neck is feminine, simple - perfect for that classy bridesmaid look. 

We hope you loved one of these ties! The earlier you decide on a tie that you like the sooner you can start practicing your tying to perfect it for the wedding day. 

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Bridesmaid infinity dress tie options tietorials
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