6 Gift Ideas For Your Bridesman

6 Gift Ideas For Your Bridesman

Having a BridesMan in your bridal party is taking the wedding industry by storm! And why shouldn't it? If one of your best friends happens to be a guy, then of course you would want them standing beside you on your special day! It is 2018, time to throw away out-dated traditions that don't fit your modern lifestyles. 

So now that you've decided on having your bestie beside you, the really tough decisions have to be made. What is the perfect gift for your BridesMan? Here are 6 gift ideas to fit any BridesMan's personality. Take a look below!

1. Custom Luggage Tags - For The Traveller 

Do you find that your BridesMan is always travelling? Sometimes you don't even know what country he is in? Then a custom luggage tag is a great gift so he can travel in style! 

2. Tie - For The Fashionista  

The perfect addition to his closet! Get your BridesMan a tie that will stand out. He'll remember it forever and every time he wears it he'll be reminded of your friendship. 

3. Custom Mug - For The Sentimental 

Is he the one who cried with you when you announced your engagement (happy tears, of course)? Then a sentimental gift like a personalized mug is the perfect gift for him. He'll love that you put the thought in to make your gift unique to your friendship. 

4. Wooden Watch - For The Explorer

Wooden watches have become very popular in recent years! They're a hip gift to give to someone who loves adventures, is eco-conscious, and perhaps is always running late. This stylish gift will make them stand out in the crowd, and they'll always think of you when they check the time! 

5. Music box - For The Musician 

Do you and your BridesMan share a special bond through music? A music box is a unique way to say thank you to your BridesMan for being a part of your special day.

6. Cufflinks - For The Workaholic 

Something he can wear on your wedding day and for years to follow! If he's always wearing suits then this is an especially thoughtful gift that he'll actually use!

No matter what you end up getting your BridesMan as a gift, he will definitely be happy for your friendship and that you included him in your special day!


Happy Wedding Planning!