Ways to Honour Lost Loved Ones On Your Special Day

August 07, 2019

Ways to Honour Lost Loved Ones On Your Special Day

Although nothing compares to having your loved ones physically with you on your special day, there are numerous amounts of ways to honour those special lost ones in memory. We have found 5 special ways to honour lost ones, and make it truly feel as though they are by your side on your special day. 

1. Save a seat for them at the ceremony
Honour your lost loved one by saving them a seat at the reception. Mark the seat with a single rose, or something specifically sentimental to the one being honoured. It will serve as a reminder that they are there with you as you tie the knot. 


2. Create a collage
This is the perfect DIY project. Grab an assortment of your favorite pictures - with them and/or of them - and create a collage to display at your wedding in honour. Make it extra personal by pairing up the collage with a meaningful quote.


3. Light a candle in honour
Set up a lantern to shine throughout your special day in memory of your lost one. Use the time while lighting the candle to reminisce on some of your favorite memories with them - tears may be included. 

wedding lantern candle

4. Sew a note into your dress 
Keep your loved one extra close with a sentimental note sewn into your wedding dress. This will keep them even closer to your heart throughout the whole day.


5. Add a locket with a picture to your bouquet 
As you walk down the aisle, and pose for pictures throughout the day, have a picture of your loved one attached to your bouquet. Put their picture in a little locket, and have it to keep even after your special day. 


Happy planning brides-to-be! We hope we have helped make your special day a little more special.

The BridesMade Team

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