TOP 10 Songs to Keep Wedding Guests Dancing All Night Long

September 05, 2019

TOP 10 Songs to Keep Wedding Guests Dancing All Night Long

Everyone wants to have fun at their wedding and dance the night away with their guests but having the right music plays a big role. Choosing a fun reception playlist can be hard. Take a listen to our TOP 10 must play songs for your wedding! From your bridesmaids to your grandparents these crowd pleasers will have everyone dancing and singing along.

Single Ladies by Beyoncé

Start by adding anything Queen B to your reception playlist. You really can’t go wrong when picking a Beyoncé song to play at your wedding however, I recommend her song “Single Ladies”. This song is perfect to play right before you toss your bouquet. Not only will everyone know and love this song but it will be the perfect song to bring all the single ladies to the floor.
Dancing Queen by Abba

This upbeat tune is easy to sing along with, not to mention everyone will definitely have fun busting a move to this song. ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” is the perfect song because as its known and loved throughout many age groups at your wedding!

Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band

Why not throw some party songs in your playlist for different music tastes? “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band is a great song to play at your reception because although country lovers will appreciate it, even non-country listeners enjoy this upbeat sing-along!

Yeah by Usher  

Even people who think they can’t dance will find it easy to dance along to this song! Usher’s “Yeah” has a very upbeat tempo but also includes lots of repetition for those with two left feet. Find that one go-to move and you’re set for the rest of this song!

Footloose by Kenny Loggins

Talk about a crowd pleaser! Whether you know this song from the original movie or the remake, it will have people running to the dance floor. “Footloose” puts everyone in a great mood and can work as a great icebreaker to get everyone started on the dance floor. Play this song and you’re guaranteed to bring people onto the dance floor with you.

Juice by Lizzo

Although Lizzo is a new artist her songs have turned into instant hits and loved by anyone who hears them. Bringing in new songs that everyone is currently listening to is a great way to keep your wedding playlist current and different from all the others. “Juice” will definitely turn into a must play for wedding receptions!

Our Song by Taylor Swift

This song is the perfect mix between romantic and fun! Whether you love or hate Taylor, most people can’t help but sing along to her hit “Our Song”. You might just find yourself singing this tune long after the reception. 

Party For Two by Shania Twain

Even though you may be having a party for a lot more than two this song is perfect for your reception. Everyone will be grabbing their dates and dancing to this hit! “Party For Two” is loved by many and knows how to get the party started.
On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

If Jennifer Lopez can’t get people dancing, we don’t know what will. Featuring the club favorite Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez’s hit “On The Floor” is the ultimate party song, you won’t want to skip on your playlist.

Guest Favorite

If you really want to play songs your guests will love, get their input! Have guests share their favorite song when they RSVP to your wedding. If there is a song that gets mentioned a lot make sure the DJ knows they need to play it during the evening.

 There are many songs you can play that will get people ready to party at your reception but the best way to choose your songs is picking ones you and your soon-to-be hubby love! Set the tone for the night and jump on the dance floor first, after all when you’re having fun your guests will too!

Happy Planning,

BridesMade Team

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