The 5 Ultimate Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

September 27, 2019

5 bridesmaid proposal ideas

Your fiancé finally popped the question which means it's time for you to do the proposing - to your BFFs! Bridesmaid proposals are all the rage these days, and we can understand why. Your girls are such a big part of you life you can't imagine walking down the aisle without them. Treat them the way they deserve and ask them the right way! Here are 5 ultimate bridesmaid proposal ideas that you must consider!


1. Earthy bridesmaid proposal idea

bridesmaid proposal idea

These little glass jars with a custom secret message inside are the cutest idea for a unique bridesmaid proposal. The secret message is printed on ivory paper with "aged" edges and rolled into a scroll, tied with hemp twine. A piece of moss is nestled in natural wood shavings which are laid out in a decorative gift box. This is a must for a bride who will be having a natural earthy wedding! Buy it here.


2. Coffee lover's bridesmaid proposal idea

coffee bridesmaid proposal idea

Do you and your girls spend most of your free time hopping from cafe to cafe getting your caffeine fix? Then a mug is the best gift for your bridesmaid proposal! Check out this custom mug from Etsy. The porcelain mug can be designed to say "bridesmaid" "maid of honor" or "matron of honor" and will come with a little gift box so you can give it straight to your girls!


3. Spa day bridesmaid proposal idea

bridesmaid proposal idea

Who doesn't love a bit of self care? The box comes complete with creamy botanical soap, solid hand & foot balm, healing herbs lip balm, eco-soy candle and spa salts. It is visually stunning to unwrap and smells divine no matter which scent you choose. Floral and mossy accents tucked into each box creates a sense of earthy tranquility - now who doesn't want that?! Buy it here.


4. Bridesmaid proposal wine labels

champagne and wine bridesmaid proposal

Is there really any better way to pop the question? For the wine loving girls, this bridesmaid proposal will hit the spot! We love the personalized labels that can go on your friend's favorite bottle of rosé. Buy it here.


 5. Bridal robes bridesmaid proposal 

bridal robes bridesmaid proposal

Gift your girls a bridal robe! They can wear it on the morning of the big day as you all get ready together. These satin robes have a super silky, comfortable and durable feel that shimmers in the light. Shop here.


Ultimately, your girls will be ecstatic no matter how you propose to them. Use one of these ideas to make your proposal even more special. 


Happy planning!

The BridesMade Team

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