How to Fire a Bridesmaid

August 07, 2019

How to Fire a Bridesmaid

You're stuck in a sticky situation. The one who was supposed to have your back and make your life easier has done anything but. You were so excited to have her in your bridal party but now you just need her to be removed from the situation. Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is, having to fire a bridesmaid doesn't make things any easier. Being a bridesmaid is an honour, but if you have a girl on your team who doesn't understand that, it might be time to let her go. Here are some tips to help you through the process of firing a bridesmaid:


Confront Her In Person

As painful as it may be, this is a conversation that should happen face-to-face. Texting and social media can lead to confusion and misinterpretation, it's important to be clear and get your message across in an empathetic and graceful way. 


Own Up To It

Maybe you set the expectations too high, or require too much time and money, whatever it is, it's important to consider that you may not be innocent in this situation and take responsibility for that. You should be ready to apologize that the situation has escalated to this point. 


Let Her Speak

She will have thoughts and feelings as well. It's important to understand that she will be upset and probably have some things to say. It may not be her intention to hurt your feelings but remember that in an emotionally charged state, she may have some hurtful words. It's important to be prepared for this so you can keep your cool and avoid escalating a situation.


Be Prepared

Remember that firing a bridesmaid may have lasting effects on you friendship. Be sure to ask yourself beforehand if firing her as your bridesmaid is worth losing a friendship. There are other ways to deal with the situation such as asking other bridesmaids to take over her duties or helping ease her financial burden by offering to pay for things you originally expected her to pay for. 


Firing a bridesmaid is not an easy task, we hope you are able to handle your situation with grace and compassion!


Happy Planning

The BridesMade Team

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