Why rent a bridesmaid dress?

October 18, 2019

rent bridesmaid dresses

Have you ever thought of renting your bridesmaid dresses? Men have been doing it for years with their tuxes and suits, so why not us ladies? Well, you're in luck! Renting bridesmaid dresses is now THE best option for the modern bridal party. Here's 5 benefits to renting your bridesmaid dress that you'll fall in love with.


1. It's more affordable

Being a bridesmaid is an honour, but it also comes at a cost! According to a WeddingWire study, it costs approximately $1,200 to be a bridesmaid! This includes everything from the dress to your hair and makeup to your accommodations. No one wants to turn down the role of a bridesmaid because they can't afford it. That's why renting your bridesmaid dress is the way to go! Renting your bridesmaid dress from BridesMade is a fraction ($65.00 to be exact) of the average cost ($300 including alterations!!) of buying your dress. It just makes sense if you're on a budget


2. You're never going to wear it again

How many times have you bought a fancy dress for a specific occasion and thought "Oh I'll shorten it and wear it again some day" only to be met with the harsh realization years later that no, you really will never wear that dress again. Renting your bridesmaid dress is the best option because if the bride's style isn't your style - who cares! Rent your dress here.


3. It saves precious closet space

why rent bridesmaid dresses

Not everyone has a dream closet like Carry Bradshaw in Sex and The City. So when it comes to closet space, why would you want to waste it with a dress you're probably never going to wear again! Don't be like Jane from 27 Dresses where she has no room in her closet for anything but bridesmaid dresses! Rent your dresses here.


4. It's eco-friendly

Ever heard of fast-fashion? The idea that consumers buy clothes which go out of style quickly and get thrown in the garbage only for the consumer to buy another piece of clothing to replace it? That's bridesmaid dresses. Why buy a dress that you're never going to wear again, only to be thrown in the trash and adding to textile waste, when you could just rent? Renting your dress is the most eco-friendly option! Rent your dresses here.


5. It's so easy

why you should rent bridesmaid dresses

Don't worry about multiple trips to a boutique, or alterations that cost an arm and a leg. All you have to do is order your dress and sit back and relax! BridesMade makes renting your dress easy with 3 simple steps. The dress arrives at your doorstep and is picked up afterwards via courier - don't even worry about cleaning it! Plus the dress is alteration free.


Now that you know all the benefits of renting your bridesmaid dresses, what's stopping you?! Rent your bridesmaid dresses here. Want to learn more? Learn how renting your bridesmaid dresses works here.

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