8 Ways To Save Money On Your Honeymoon

August 07, 2019

how to save money on your honeymoon

Paying for a honeymoon can be a very expensive addition to all your other wedding festivities; bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, engagement parties, and most importantly, the wedding. We want to ensure when you plan for your honeymoon, it is a lot more fun than it is stressful. That is why we have written a blog giving you 8 Ways to Save Money: Honeymoon Edition!

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1. Set Priorities

Have a sit down conversation with your S.O. about the location(s) you two want to travel for your honeymoon. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Once you have reached a collective decision, start listing out the different activities or excursions you want to do. Take a look at your honeymoon budget and set priorities of what activities are the most important to either or both of you. This way you can allocate your money appropriately. 

2. Create a HoneyFund

HoneyFund is essentially a registry but just for fundraising for your honeymoon. Skip the silverware and appliances for your registry and get cash towards your honeymoon. This option is especially beneficial for couples who may already live together and/or have all the household items they need! It is also a more comfortable way to ask relatives and friends for mullah.

3. Go All-Inclusive

Going all inclusive, whether it be a resort or a cruise, is the easiest way to stay on budget. All inclusive vacations include your transportation, accommodations, food, drink, and sometimes excursions. Therefore, you pay a one time fee for the two of you and everything is taken care of; no additional costs. One thing we do suggest is allocating 90% of your honeymoon budget towards the all inclusive vacations and allocating 10% of the budget for items like souvenirs or excursions that aren't included in your package.


4. Travel during Off-Season

Traveling during off-season for a specific location can result in almost half off what you would pay during high season. For example, going on vacation to Cuba during peak times like Spring Break or Christmas Break may result in higher transportation or accommodation prices. Not to mention crowded beaches. However, traveling to Cuba during the Summer is much cheaper due to lower demand! 

5. Clear your Cookies

Travel companies, including Airlines, are all about consumer demands. Prices may fluctuate several times a day based on when the company knows people will be online. In addition, they are able to see how many site visits are made to their site and use that to their consumer demand advantage. The best suggestion is to clear your cookies and search history post honeymoon travel search. Allow the company to fluctuate prices back down and go back online during low peak times, like mid-afternoon.

6. Use Resources

Resources such as credit cards or memberships are more beneficial than we realize. Some credit cards collect points that can be used towards or other companies to save money on travel. In addition, some cards give travel insurance or car insurance, resulting in another cost that is covered! Memberships, such as CAA, also give discounted attraction tickets, free maps, and travel insurance. Be sure to look at all the memberships or credit cards you have and see what benefits they can bring to your trip!

7. Wed Wisely

No, we do not mean rethink your groom choice! We mean wed on a budget. Do not spend the extra $5000 on a carriage ride to and from the wedding if you feel as though that money would be allocated better to your honeymoon. Ensure you have your honeymoon budget in mind while making the overall wedding budget. 

8. Mention you're Newlyweds on a Honeymoon

Yes, this is a time to brag about your love! Some resorts or cruises may give you some sort of newlywed benefits. This may include a discounted price, a free upgrade, or free items! This may not be the case for all locations, but hey, you're going to brag about your love anyway, might as well reap a few benefits!

There you have it - 8 ways to save money: honeymoon edition!

Thanks for reading,

The BridesMade Team

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